Melmac Magic Mushroom

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The Melmec penis Envy Magic Mushroom Is known for use in deeply mystical vision quest experiences it can provide for its users. The Melmac are recommended for the more experienced magic shroom user as the trips a can be overwhelming for beginners.  The trip will be pretty consistent through out and can last for quite a while.


Oz, Qp, Hp, p

3 reviews for Melmac Magic Mushroom

  1. Dwight Smith

    Great product. Arrived early and discretely. Fantastic customer service as well. Will definitely order again. Thank you!

  2. Rose Hensley

    I haven’t had a chance to try these yet but they feel fresh in the bag.

  3. Virginia Judkins

    Great product and fast delivery.The PERFECT introduction to shroomies from someone who doesn’t even enjoy pot! It was magical and not too overwhelming. I took about 2.3 grams. Too bad about the stomachache and no sleep afterwards. Can’t wait to stare at the mandalas in the sky again one day!

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