Nepal Chitwan Magic Mushrooms

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Discovered in Chitwan Nepal on elephant or rhino dung. This one is another great strain. Very dense fruits with heavy bluing when bruised. Above average rizomorphic mycelium, and a heavy spore depositor. Does well on bulk substrates.


Oz, Qp, Hp, p

5 reviews for Nepal Chitwan Magic Mushrooms

  1. Olive J. Harris

    Amazing result! Best trip so far! Really rewarding!

  2. Norman Colwell

    Fast delivery, good product!

  3. Glenn Brown

    Great when you’re outside at night staring at the stars or hiking through the woods getting connected to nature.

  4. Lorraine Bell

    Great product. Fast shipping!You’ve taught me well.

  5. Ben Johnson

    I loved the geometric visuals I had for the first hour then people in my life showed up in random scenes. I was able to direct my thoughts until the nausea came. I think next time I would fast for the day and do the lemon mix and grinding up the shrooms. Delivery was fast. 2 days.

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